Pregnancy services offered in Bluffdale, UT


Pregnancy is an exciting time, filled with hopes and dreams for the future. It can also be a stressful experience, which is why it’s so important to find an excellent obstetrician like those at South Valley Women’s Health Care in Bluffdale, Utah, to guide you through the process. If you’re searching for a caring and compassionate OB/GYN, reach out online or by phone today to schedule an initial visit at South Valley Women’s Health Care.

Pregnancy Q & A

Why is prenatal care such an essential part of a healthy pregnancy?

Research shows that women who take advantage of prenatal care have significantly lower risks of complications during pregnancy. Working closely with a highly skilled obstetrician is the best way to navigate the ups and downs of pregnancy with relative ease. 

Prenatal care visits focus on tracking your baby’s growth and monitoring your health. Routine screenings check your blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, and more. Screenings for your baby focus on tracking developmental and genetic issues. In some cases, identifying complications early on can help avoid serious negative outcomes. 

Prenatal visits are also an opportunity to receive guidance and get answers to a wide range of pregnancy and childbirth questions and concerns. This brings peace of mind whether this is your first or fourth pregnancy. 

At what point in pregnancy should I begin working with an obstetrician?

Ideally, you begin working with your chosen women’s health practitioner even before you become pregnant. These early visits focus on ensuring that your body is ready to withstand the rigors of pregnancy and childbirth. 

You should reach out to your obstetrician as soon as you realize you’re pregnant. Not only can an office visit confirm your pregnancy and help determine your due date, but you’ll also have a chance to ask questions and learn how to make the healthiest possible choices when it comes to supplements, nutrition, exercise, and more. 

What happens if I experience a high-risk pregnancy or complications?

For many women, learning they have a high-risk pregnancy is incredibly distressing. Remember that many different factors can cause your pregnancy to be deemed high risk, and that most women with high-risk pregnancies go on to deliver healthy babies. 

Your obstetrician will perform all of the necessary testing and determine the next steps. You’ll have the full support of your care team as you move through the phases of pregnancy and closer to the exciting day you’ll welcome your little one into the world. 

When you rely on the team of women’s health experts at South Valley Women’s Care, you can rest assured that you and your baby are in the best of hands. Simply reach out online or by phone to book a visit.